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Yakutia Is Experiencing Record – Low Temperatures


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Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash
Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

A cold spell has hit the diamond – rich region of Russia’s Yakutia.

The region is home to almost one million people who have been advised to stay inside their dwellings during these extremely cold days when temperatures plunge to – 70 degrees Celsius.

Schools were closed last week, though students go to school in temperatures dropping to as low as – 40 degrees.

Two men froze to death while trying to walk to the nearest farm house after their car had broken down.

cold spell: a period of cold weather.

dwelling: a place where people live in (a house, flat, etc.).
dwelling in other languages


1. A Belgian company has ___ with a new service for those who like to eat good food outdoors and with a view.

2. Warner Brothers is planning a film about Ambrus, who ___  by star Johny Depp.

3. The discovery of the island is further proof that ___  exists, scientists believe.

4. ___ reports in Japanese newspapers, First Advantage, a Tokyo-based wedding company, is giving couples the opportunity to get married in space.

5. If you like to spend your vacation in cold climates, then the Ice Hotel is the place for you. Located in northern Sweden, it is 200 kilometers ___ the Arctic Circle.