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Football Vocabulary


ASSISTANT REFEREE (LINESMAN): an officcial who is at touchlines and who advises the referee

CORNER KICK: a kick from one of the corners of the pitch

DIRECT (INDIRECT) FREE KICK: a chance for a player from one of the teams to kick the ball from a position shown by the referee and score  from the kick directly ( but not to score directly )

DIVING: an attempt by a player to get an unfair advantage by deliberately falling over and thus deceiving the referee that it was a foul

DRAW: when the both teams scored the same number of goals (0:0, 1:1, 2:2, etc.)

EXTRA TIME: two additional 15 minutes periods after the match has ended in a draw in order to decide the winner

FOUL: an illegal action taken by one of the players against his opponent

GOALKEEPER: the only player who can catch the ball by hands and whose role is to stop the ball from entering the goal

HAND BALL: an offense by playing by hand

OFFSIDE: a football law requiring at least one player from the opposing team to be between an attacker and goal line when the attacker receives the ball from his teamate

PASS: to send the ball to another player from own team

PENALTY: a free kick from the penalty spot

PENALTY SHOOTOUT: to have a set of kicks from the penalty spot to decide a winner if the match is still tied even after extra time

PITCH: the playing field

RED CARD: punishment which sends the player off the pitch

SUBSTITUTE: a player who replaces another player

THROW IN: to throw the ball in after it has crossed one of the touchlines

TOUCHLINE: the lines along both sides of the pitch

WALL: a barrier made of players to block a free kick

YELLOW CARD:: a warning to a player for a foul, two yellow cards in one match result in the red car, free yellow cards in a league, tournament (several matches) result in banning from playing in another match