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A Poem by a Thirteen Year-Old Boy Who Is Considered an Outcast

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    What do you think of the poem written (loosely translated) by a boy who is said not well behaved at school? Don ´t we sometimes judge others just by their appearance and actions without really knowing them?

    Life Is Change!

    He used to be such a vandal
    Each day he made a scandal

    There was only noise left behind
    Daily evil was his friend
    His way of life almost brought his parents out of mind

    And suddenly –
    He stopped spraying walls,
    Shooting crows,
    Breaking windows by the stones,

    He didn’t steal money from his mom,
    No troubles to his girlfriend any more

    People wondered:
    Why is it so quiet around here?
    Did he finally leave the town?

    Somebody mowed the lawn,
    Neighbors were given strudel
    A friend´s bike was fixed again
    And that one bought a flower for his date

    Indeed, it was that vandal,
    Involved in every scandal
    He said: I want to change
    Let people stop frowning at me
    Somebody else mows the lawn,
    And the vandal is a famous counselor
    Those who say people never change
    Still know little about life essence

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