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Ice Hockey Vocabulary

Ice hockey
Ice hockey

BLUE LINE: it divides the offensive zone from the neutral zone

BOARDING: a penalty when an offending player violently pushes an opponent player into the boards of the hockey rink

BODYCHECK: a hit on a player

CHARGING: a penalty when a player violently hit an opponent player travelling from a distance

CHECKING: stopping an opponent player who has the puck or separating him from the puck usually without a penalty

CROSS-CHECKING: is an illegal play when a player checks his opponent by using the shaft of his stick with both hands

ELBOWING: hitting an opponent player with the elbow

FACE-OFF: two players battle for the puck after it has been dropped by a refereee or linesman

GOAL LINE: is the red line at each end of the ice rink

HIGH- STICKING: hitting or touching an opponent player with the the stick above shoulder level

HOLDING (the stick): grabbing an opponent’s body (stick)

HOOKING: to hook an opponent with the stick to slow his speed

ICING: when a player  shoots the puck across the red line and the opposing team’s goal line without being touched by other player

LINESMAN: an official whose job is mainly to judge icing and offside violations

OFFSIDE: when a player from an attacking team enters (crosses the blue line) the offensive zone by both skates before the puck gets there

PENALTY SHOT: a penalty awarded after a team loses a clear scoring opportunity due to a foul

POWER PLAY: when at least one opposing player is serving a penalty so the other team has more players in the rink

PUCK: a black disc made of vulcanised rubber

RED LINE: this line divides the ice rink into two equal halves

ROUGHING: striking or punching an opponent

SHIFT: it is a session during which the player plays on the ice.

SLASHING: swinging an hockey stick at an opposing player

SHOOTOUT:if the score remains tied after overtime a set number of players from each team take penalty shots

SHORT HANDED: it refers to having fewer players on the ice as a result of a penalty

TOO MANY MEN ON THE ICE: having more players on the ice than allowed

TRIPPING: to trip an opponent player


apple: an assist

biscuit: the puck

bucket: a helmet

chiclets: teeth

five – hole: the space between goalie’s legs

light the lamp: to score a goal

sin bin: a penalty box

sweater: in ice hockey jersey