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Tennis Vocabulary


ACE: a winning serve without being touched by the receiver

ADVANTAGE: a player who scores a point at deuce has the advantage and if he wins the next point, he wins the game

BALLPERSON: usually young people (boys and girls) who collect balls on the court and give them to players

BASELINE: a line at each end of the court

BREAK: to win a game in which the opponent player is serving

BREAK POINT: a point which can result in winning the game in which the opponent player is serving

CROSSCOURT: a shot which flies accross the court diagonally

DEUCE: a score of 40-40 after which a player must win two consecutive points to win the game

DOUBLE FAULT: two bad serves resulting in loosing a point

DROP SHOT: a shot that drops just over the net

GAME:it is won by scoring points

LINE JUDGE:an official who judges if a shot lands in the court

LOB: a shot which is hit over opponent’s head

LOVE: zero (used only in tennis)

NET: a barrier which divides the court

RALLY: a great number of shots

RETURN: to hit a shot back to the opponent

SERVE: the shot which begins each point

SET: to win a set a player must wint at least six games

TIEBREAK: a game format to finish a set which is tied quickly played to 7 points

UMPIRE: the chief official of a match

VOLLEY: a shot which is hit before the ball lands