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Try a High School Leaving Exam

If you want to find out whether you would be able to pass high school leaving English tests succesfully in Central Europe then try to go through the test bellow. Since it is a sample of the tests officially used it is shorter and therefore not more than 60 minutes should be devoted to it. In order to be succesfull you need to score 33% out of the whole test as minimum.


Part 1: An Interview with Charlie Boswell

Listen twice to the interview with Charlie Boswell, the director of media and entertainment for Advanced Micro Devices.

Then choose correct answer. There is only one correct answer.

1. Advanced Micro Devices belongs to one of the largest producers of ___ .

2. Mr Boswell often works with very ___ .

3. Mr Boswell’s theory ___ .

4. He thinks that ___.

5. Charlie Boswell think that In the middle of both of those camps, is a group of people ___.

CONTINUE THE TEST HERE. Listening – Part 2.