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Try a High School Leaving Test. Language In Use – Part 1,2,3

Part 1: Read the three stories below and decide which word or phrase best fits each space.

Blue Jeans Are 135 Years Old

One of the most famous clothing   1   in the world is celebrating its 135th birthday.

Levi Strauss and David Jacob received a patent   2   blue jeans on May 20, 1873.

Blue jeans   3   by workers at first. In the 1960s, blue jeans started to grow in popularity. By the 1970s, almost everyone in the United States had a pair of blue jeans in his or her wardrobe.


Every year storks start their long   4   from Africa and travel to Europe.

The storks arrive in Europe in the spring and stay until the end of summer. During this time, young storks   5   .

Storks often return to the same nest year after year.

In several cultures, storks are a symbol of childbirth. There are many images of storks carrying babies to their new homes.

The storks   6   to bring good luck.

Monks Sell Bread nad Cakes Online

The monks   7   the Abbey of the Genesee in the American state of New York do not watch television or listen to the radio.

However, they engage in one activity that is very modern: they sell things over the Internet.

The monks at the monastery   8   breads and cakes for 50 years.

Now, instead of   9   their goods at local supermarkets, customers can place orders over the Internet.

The monks hope to sell thousands of cakes and loaves of bread each week.











Part 2: Read the text below. Use the words below the text to form a word that fits in the space.

Students Create  School Newspaper to Practise English

Students at Kaplan International Colleges’ language school in Portland, Oregon are improving their English skills by running their very   1    newspaper.

The Kaplan Times was   2   as a way for students to practice their English learning through the writing of articles.

What started as an idea for a lesson plan at Kaplan’s English language school became so popular that it was expanded into a monthly four-page newspaper featuring restaurant reviews, stories about Portland   3   and advice for new students.

Anyone can participate in The Kaplan Times and   4    are encouraged to write about anything they are interested in. The Times published a recent “literature edition”, which was full of student fiction.

Kaplan Portland, which expanded   5    this year, offers a range of courses, from Vacation and General English courses to more specialized academic programs that are designed to 6 students to structure their ideal learning holiday in the USA.

1 – ownership, 2 – launch, 3 – eventual, 4 – contribute, 5 – early, 6 – allowance

You will find the correct answers here.


Part 3: Use one suitable word for each blank numbered space.

What Is a Local Currency?

You have heard of the euro, the dollar and the yen, but have you heard of the kekfrank, the Lewes pound and Berkshares.

1   three are local currencies. All three are legal, but they can only be used in a particular region, and only in shops   2    accept them.

The reason communities decide to create a local currency is to support local businesses.

In   3    to use the currency, people must shop at nearby stores. Therefore, the money stays in the community and   4    the local economy.

These currencies are usually worth the same amount as the national currency. For example, a kekfrank is worth the same amount as a Hungarian forint, the Lewes pound is   5   to a British pound and a Berkshare is traded at one US dollar.

You will find the correct answers here.