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Try a High School Leaving Test. Reading – Part 1

Part 1: Read the article and then decide which of the sentences best fits into each of the numbered gaps. There are two extra sentences which do not fit into any of the numbered gaps.


Former England Football Captain Joins Kaplan International Colleges Team

Jordan Holmes, a former England football captain, is now part of the Kaplan International Colleges team.   1   Jordan, who captained England’s youth team, is the social programme manager at Kaplan’s school in Manchester.

He has played with and against famous international players such as Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck and Aaron Lennon at many of the world’s most prestigious stadiums like Old Trafford.

   2   “I think my footballing experience will help me be a great team member here at Kaplan and being a captain also makes you a very outgoing person with good communication skills, which you need to be in my role as social programme manager,” Jordan said.

Students who take Kaplan English courses in Manchester will enjoy a wide range of activities that help them to make lifelong friends and have a great time.   3    Some examples of social activities include trips to art galleries, reggae nights out, curry nights, museum trips and much more.




CONTINUE THE TEST HERE.  Reading – Parts 2 and 3