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Try a High School Leaving Test. Reading Parts 2 and 3

Part 2: Read the article below and decide whether statements below are true or false.

Bob Marley Stirs It Up for English Learners

Bob Marley’s music is the most popular choice for people learning English, according to a recent study by Kaplan International Colleges.

Kaplan’s How to Learn English Infographic shows that Marley’s music and lyrics helped the largest number of people who are studying to improve their language skills.

The language courses provider discovered that listening to music helped 80% of people learn English, and 14% said the reggae songs of Bob Marley, such as “No Woman, No Cry”, “Stir It Up”, and “One Love”, were the most useful for enhancing their understanding of the English language.

Michael Jackson and Madonna polled 11% and 8% of the vote, respectively.

“Our father’s legendary music has touched and moved so many people. It’s exciting to find out that his story-telling lyrics can enhance students’ understanding of the English language,” said Cedella Marley.

Kaplan asked hundreds of their current and previous students whether watching television and films, playing video games and listening to music, among other things, helped them on their English learning journey.

Bob Marley wrote music with lyrics focused on learners of English.

Kaplan was inteersted in finding out whether watching, reading  and listening to different media is of any avail to learners.

There were also other popular singers whose potential contribution was surveyed.

Bob Marley’s music has touched just a few people.

Part 3: Read the text and fill in the blank numbered spaces in the sentences below.

Brazilian Students Get Married in Australia

William Rodrigo Varago and Soraia Gouvea De Paula, two Brazilian students at Kaplan International Colleges language school in Sydney Australia, both said “I do” on November 12.

The young couple first met in Sao Paulo in 2006 and decided to learn English with Kaplan this August.

William and Soraia became known at KIC Sydney City as two of the most diligent and outgoing students.

Soraia announced the news to student services that she had set the date for her special day but needed advice about where to buy the perfect wedding dress.

The couple’s closest friends gathered for a wedding ceremony in downtown Sydney with a wedding reception held later at KIC Sydney City.

Teachers and students of all nationalities lined up along the balcony to greet the newlyweds.

“It was very exciting that Soraia and William chose to marry while studying at KIC Sydney City and to include us on their very special day. We were happy to be involved in the planning of their wedding and to surprise them with our first KIC Sydney City wedding reception!” said KIC Sydney City Principal Julie Delaney.


A wedding ceremony 1 (two words) in Sydney.

They 2 (two words) in November.

She did not    3    where to get her wedding dress.

They were    4    to be one the most hardworking and friendly students.

You will find the correct answers here.