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You can find  test  tasks here. They are accompanied by explanations written in a simple way to help you understand or review the English language. Fill in an individual test and find out your level of the topic the test is focused on.

A, An, The, Zero Article

Many, Much, A lot of, Few, Little, Less, More, A great deal of, A good many

Some, Any, No, None, Every

This,That, These, Those, Me, You, Him, Myself, Yourself, Herself, Themselves…

Failed = Don’t blame yourself, there must be somenone else to blame, e.g. teachers.
Just Passed = Should your teacher be awarded a medal?
Satisfactory = If you are happy with your result then everything is okay.
Competent = What does competent really mean?
Good = Good.
Excellent = Your English rocks.
Unbeatable = Did you cheat? Just kidding, you certainly have no problem as for the English language rules  properly.